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When Bronson isn’t collecting Smashing Pumpkins memorabilia he’s coding WordPress goodness with the wonderful team at Human Made.

Bronson also talks about WordPress on the WP Dev Table podcast and maintains Chassis, a lightweight WordPress + Vagrant development environment.



Using WordPress As A Headless CMS
The WP REST API infrastructure was introduced in WordPress 4.4. The introduction of this infrastructure allows WordPress developers to now use WordPress as a headless CMS. A headless CMS has its frontend component (the head) stripped and removed from its backend, and what remains is a backend delivering content via an API. Some common use cases for headless CMS are as follows:

  • Serving data to other web applications
  • Mobile Apps
  • Websites and web apps built with MVC-style JavaScript frameworks

Developers can install the WP REST API plugin to expose endpoints for WordPress for posts, pages, media and users. Developers can also extend the WordPress core REST infrastructure to register their own endpoints for custom post types and WordPress options.

The WP REST API plugin will expose database content via JSON. This data can be used by developers to create sites using JavaScript frameworks such as React and also use the JSON data in mobile apps.

Bronson will explain and demonstrate how you can use WordPress and the WP REST API to create a website that uses React on the frontend and WordPress on the backend as a headless CMS.


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