Vlad Lasky


Vladimir Lasky, Computer Systems Engineer and Actor, discovered WordPress in early 2008 when he first got into blogging.

He immediately recognised WordPress to be a powerful enabling tool to help anyone create a strong online voice with far less effort than ever before.

Today, Vlad is the lead developer at Aussie WP Expert, a WordPress development & consulting business based in Sydney. He has presented talks on security, spam prevention and speed optimisation at four previous WordCamps.

Outside of WordPress, Vlad is involved with other Engineering/IT businesses including Delivery Command, which develops solutions for delivery vehicle tracking & fleet management as well as Remote Laboratory, which develops remotely accessible laboratories for science and engineering education. He also has a passion for synthesizer keyboards & electronic music.


Tips for Fixing a Hacked WordPress Site

WordPress’s popularity has made it a prime target for hackers. Each day countless self-hosted WordPress sites are damaged or taken down, usually by automated attacks exploiting known vulnerabilities.

Many WordPress site administrators only learn way too late about the important of pre-emptive security hardening after they have become victims of an attack and have suffered the consequences – loss of visitors, search engine ranking and damage to data.

Vlad Lasky from Aussie WP Expert shares his strategies and approaches to recovering compromised WordPress sites.

  • Common ways in which WordPress sites are compromised
  • Assessing the damage
  • Determining the means of infiltration
  • Recovering the WordPress installation
  • Preventing reinfection
  • Restoring Search Engine ranking


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