Speaker: Noel Tock – Moving Forward In WordPress

noel-tockWe’re excited to welcome Noel Tock as one of our WordCamp Sydney 2016 speakers.

Noel is a Swiss digital nomad that loves creating products online.

His typical day to day consists of WordPress, Front-End Design and Product Management.

Above all, he’s also one of the three partners at Human Made, a WordPress.com VIP Partner where he oversees products like Happytables, Nomadbase and startup partnerships such as United Influencers.

He may also have been a little bit involved in organising previous WordCamp Europe conferences 😛

In his talk, Noel will discuss the path to success for anyone interested in working with WordPress, remote working or generally being part of this movement.

You can follow Noel on Twitter.

Speaker: Vlad Lasky – Tips for Fixing a Hacked WordPress Site

VladPlease welcome veteran WordCamp speaker Vladimir Lasky to our WordCamp Sydney 2016 speaker line-up.

Vlad, a Computer Systems Engineer and Actor, discovered WordPress in early 2008 when he first got into blogging.

He immediately recognised WordPress to be a powerful enabling tool to help anyone create a strong online voice with far less effort than ever before.

Today, Vlad is the lead developer at Aussie WP Expert, a WordPress development & consulting business based in Sydney.

He has presented talks on security, spam prevention and speed optimisation at four previous WordCamps.

Outside of WordPress, Vlad is involved with other Engineering/IT businesses including Delivery Command, which develops solutions for delivery vehicle tracking & fleet management as well as Remote Laboratory, which develops remotely accessible laboratories for science and engineering education.

He also has a passion for synthesizer keyboards & electronic music.

As WordPress powers over 25% of the entier Interwebs it is a huge target for hackers and unfortunately many find themselves a victim of this unpleasant crime, disheartened and not knowing what to do about it.

Not to worry!  Vlad will be sharing his strategies and approaches to recovering compromised WordPress sites.

An all-you-can-eat buffet of security tips and tricks.

You can follow Vlad on Twitter.



Speaker: Kat Slump – Making Free Stuff Work For You

Kat SlumpPut your hands together and welcome another one of our awesome WordCamp Sydney 2016 speakers Kat Slump.

Kat is a rising senior at the University of Nebraska at Omaha where she is pursuing a degree in IT Innovation.

She has had experiences in a variety of areas- from development to marketing to design- interning at Interface School, Flywheel, and Apple.

In her spare time, Kat loves playing with her kitten, Swift, who happens to be named after her favourite programming language.

She also has a love for fashion and blogging.

Kat will be taking you on a whirlwind tour of all things free to bring together a killer website that can stand up with the best of the paid ones.

You can follow Kat on Twitter and Instagram.

Speaker: Trish Fehon – Employing & Managing Offshore Staff

Trish-FehonSay a big hello to Trish Fehon joining us a speaker this year at WordCamp Sydney 2016.

Trish runs a Sydney based digital agency specialising in Lead Generation using Google Adwords.

Her focus is on helping clients get leads and sales from their websites. “We believe a website should give you a Return on Investment and not just be a static brochure that is set and forget”.

Trish has managed a team of developers in the Philippines for over 5yrs and believes it not a lot different to working with people on the ground.

There are key things that make it work, and of course there are a few pitfalls – just like running a traditional bricks & mortar business.

Trish is a wife, mother & grandmother living between the Blue Mountains & Sydney.

Her business Online Influence, employs a small team of 5 in the Philippines and 3 in Australia.

You can follow Trish on Twitter.

Speaker: Jeremy Kelaher – Unscrambling An Omelette – How Companies Can Use WordPress Better

Jeremy KelaherWe’d love to introduce you to Farfax Media’s Jeremy Kelaher.

Jeremy’s first love is creating ways to connect talented content creators to loyal audiences.

WordPress helps him do that.

His most recent gig is Head of Architecture for Product Solutions at Fairfax Media, publisher of hundreds of News, Commercial, Lifestyle and Community sites; more than 40 of the sites are using WordPress.

In 2016 WordPress has been used for the new ‘My Community’ sites such as toowoomba.brisbanetimes.com.au and goldcoast.brisbanetimes.com.au.

Jeremy is going to share his eperiences of using, delivering, scaling, securing and managing WordPress in the enterprise.

You can follow Jeremy on Twitter.